Weird things about cats

Even if your favourite pet is a dog, you should be aware that cats are quite appealing creatures. Yet, you aren’t likely to know how bizarre cats can be. Here are a few bizarre facts about cats:
Surely you have known that humans are not able to drink seat water, as it is saline and dehydrates your body. Their kidneys are capable of removing the salt from the sea water, allowing them to rehydrate themselves.
We know that cats are gifted with instincts for hunting. In fact, they are so good at this, in the past, cats that spent most of their time outdoors have been instrumental in the extinction of 33 species of mammals, birds and reptiles.
An intriguing part of their anatomy is the fact that cats don’t have any sweat glands. The sweat glands located in cats’ paws exude a scent which helps them mark their territory. In other words, it means that while they are walking or scratching, they’re in fact marking their territory.

Three Short-fur Assorted-color Cats
Cat owners will be aware that their pet loves to laze around in sunlight or remain on their couch. It may surprise many to learn that cats spend up to portion of their life in sleeping. That amounts to sixteen hours daily! The main reason for their being so lazy is that they should work very hard to locate and kill mice, their favorite food.
Many of the older cats tend to come up with something similar to what we know as Alzheimer’s disease. Cats over eight years of age keep roaming throughout the house and appear very confused or dazed. That’s the reason for their constant Raccoon Sounds. In case your cat is showing such symptoms also, the experts would recommend you to relaxation it at night by supplying it with an additional blanket.
In case you thought that the role of whiskers is only to increase the personality of your cat and make it lovable, you are mistaken! Cats utilize their whiskers to check and determine if they would have the ability to pass through small openings. If its whiskers bend, it knows that it can’t pass through that little gap.
If you have been watching cats, you’d surely know that they invariable land up on their paws. Nature has gifted them with some sense of this law of gravitation. In actuality, they’re trying to slow down on landing. Moreover, their sense of direction is very strong, telling them that side of the body is up and, accordingly, they adjust their body. But, cat’s body takes time to understand that it is falling down and adjusts itself suitably. They are more at ease when coming down from a higher place, as it gives them additional time to land safely on the floor.

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