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We have always been quite enthusiastic about sports like soccer, basketball, lawn tennis and of course, cricket. Who does not like cricket? All of us do and we follow it whether it is 20-20 or world cup! But did we ever try to discover about our national sport, hockey? I am certain that we all are conscious of the fact that hockey is our national sport but our duty doesn’t end there. There are still a great deal of people specially the new generation who is clueless about this sport and how it’s actually played. It’s high time we begin exploring this game after all it’s our national game and we should not ignore it. Click

The way to play hockey?

In this game, two teams have been split which plays against each other. Each team has to carefully move the ball into the opponent’s goal with the support of a hockey stick.

• Keep yourself prepared with hockey equipment. Purchase a beginner stick which comes up to your waist so you can learn and play comfortably.

• You need to keep in mind that while playing hockey, your left hand will provide the main guidance to the stick and your right hand will be the principal support to the rod.

• Your left foot should be pointing at the front while the rest foot should be put back for support. You’ll need to bend your knees in order to aim for the ball.

• Now all you will need to do is,’snare the ball’. Here, try to stop or slow down the speed of the ball that’s coming towards you.

• It is time to hit the ball and for that you’ll have to make certain that your right hand is very close to your left hand so that the ball is in direct contact with your forward foot.

• Try and dip the ball across the length of the rod. Attempt to work on the turns and pulls with the support of some of your group member.

In the long run, the more you will practice it, the perfect you will become in this game. After you may learn it, you won’t look forward to any other game. All sports are interesting and fun without any doubt but as an Indian we should not ignore our national sport and must be equally excited and keen in learning and practicing it. It is one of the important things to remember.

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