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Among the most delicate members of the onion family, chives is many different popular herbs which play an active part in European cooking. Even though the onion bulbs grow beneath the ground, it’s the clump of grass that shoots up that is used in cooking. This grass is thin and long, and hollow inside with a taste that’s somewhat similar to spring onions or leeks. The flower heads also may be utilized as garnish. The Asian variety of chives is known as Chinese chives or garlic chives. Click

There are several reasons to purchase chives. They are highly aromatic and their delicate taste is a welcome addition to sandwiches and soups. There’s absolutely not any requirement for any tearful chopping with this herb. Additionally, chives is seldom cooked. Cooking causes the hollow leaves to blanch and also lowers the flavor. The leaves are used whole.

When buying chives, be certain you select firm bulbs with leaves having the green colour of grass. It’s ideal to purchase chives in small quantities because they taste best when they’re fresh. The leaves are tender but may be kept in a refrigerator for nearly a week if they’re wrapped and packaged properly. Chives may also be dried or frozen for shipping. But this process may decrease the odor of the herb. If you would like to store chives, then they need to be frozen rather than drying. Once frozen, they could be packed into small plastic containers.

Chives may be utilised in conjunction with other herbs as they keep their distinctive taste even when combined with other powerful herbs and spices.

Chives is highly common in continental cooking. It’s said that early Dutch settlers climbed chives on meadows so that cows grazing on them can yield milk with the taste and odor of chives.

In early medicine, Chives are used to treat a number of conditions including hypertension, lack of desire, colds and nausea.

Chives may be grown in the backyard at home or they could be purchased from the nearest local shop. Premium quality chives could be purchased online too. When purchasing this delicate herb, ensure that you buy in smaller quantities that are consumed immediately.

Beef Stew

Image result for Beef StewYum! Beef Stew! Thinking about it provides a feeling of comfort and warmth for cool days or any day for that matter. It can be appreciated any time of year. But what makes a excellent beef stew? Click continue reading!

1) Meat

2) Veggies


A excellent beef stew starts out with terrific meat. Needless to say, there are lots of cuts of meat available in the meat section. Purchasing the best cut of meat can be as straightforward as choosing a new package of stew meat cut into small pieces for simple browning. You can also pick a slice of beef and have the butcher cut the meat for you. However, when I decide to buy my meat, I make sure it is Angus beef since it has less marbling and is more tender than other forms of beef, ideal for the best stews.


You can not have beef stew with no vegetables. Onions are a private matter but I make sure that they are in my stew. Consider adding additional fresh seasonal ingredients from your backyard.

Most often you consider beef stew simmering on top of the stove in a Dutch oven daily. Some use their crock pot, letting the stew to simmer all day without needing to watch it over. I, however, would like to lift up an alternate. My favourite way to cook beef stew is to bring all the ingredients into my electric pressure cooker. This is the easiest and quickest”place it in and leave it” method of cooking I have found. After browning your meat (from the pressure cooker) simply add your favorite ingredients, broth and water, set the timer for a half hour or so. With an electric pressure cooker infuses flavor into all your ingredients. Simply place your frozen meats, veggies and fluids into your pressure cooker, place the controls for about one hour and PRESTO! You have a fantastic beef stew prepared to serve.

Regardless of what ingredients you opt to use or what method of cooking you opt for making beef stew to your family is a superb way to bring satisfaction and warmth to your table. Treat your family to some now!


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Biscuits can serve as the most convenient breakfast or snack thing every time you’re hungry. Just tear open a bunch of biscuits and begin munching on those delicious hard breads. You can munch on them while you are walking to school or when you are at work. They serve as an excellent alternative if we’re unable to have a whole meal. Click

Remember when you were a child, nothing tasted as delicious as dipping biscuits in hot tea and eating them separating two cream snacks and licking off the cream. Well, that is the wonder of biscuits. They can be raised with baking powder or soda and can be known as bread or soft cakes. As they can be purchased from almost anywhere and even be baked in your home, they do not fail to entice people from all age groups to consume them.

The reason for them being called”to cook twice” is because they are first required to be baked and then dried in ovens. The entire world now uses this expression except for the United States where cookies refer to soft bread products that are baked only once. Biscuits not only keep you from feeling hungry at school or work but also on long journeys. Due to the fact that they exude starch, they guarantee the consumer doesn’t go hungry. Here in Singapore, when young army men go out for camps in the jungles, they rely on biscuits to supply them with the necessary nourishment and nutrients they need.

Manufacturers are constantly trying to bake better quality, softer and tastier biscuits to out do their competitors. If anybody has attempted cookies from the restaurant Subway, you would definitely not differ to say that those cookies aren’t delicious. Cookies are also a sort of biscuits. There are numerous varieties of biscuits available on the market, but the most common would be rolled, drop and scone biscuits. Rolled biscuits are one of the most frequent sort of biscuits that we can see almost everywhere. They are made while the mixture is kneaded and rolled out to be cut into circular shapes. Drop biscuits have a tendency not to have a uniform shape as they’re placed on baking sheets with spoons due to their sticky nature. They’ve a rougher appearance in comparison with rolled biscuits. Last, scones are biscuits which are usually made using butter and cream. Eggs and raisins can be added to add flavor and dress up your biscuits.

Biscuits continue to gain popularity with all age groups due to their delicious flavor and varieties that cater to everyone’s taste buds.